Who tastes better?

Katalin Kiszel-Kohari - February 20, 2020

Well, a very interesting question. What you should look out for when assessing the quality of a wine.

There have been numerous experiments about our perception of tasting. The amount of taste buds on our tongues are different from person to person. That is why we sense different aspects, aromas about same wine. I suppose each to its own. A good two decades ago on The Yale University Professor L. Bartoshuk conducted a trial about tasting a bitter compound. A strongly, a mildly and a hardly at all bitter variation of the same compound had been taste tested. Long story short, she concluded that the population can be split into three groups: supertasters, that has been changed to hypertasters later, normal tasters, and non-tasters, that has been changed to hypotasters later. Half of the population falls into the normal tasters group, and the other half falls, approximately equally, into the other two.

Hypertasters have much more taste buds and they are more sensitive to flavours whereas hypotasters need an extra boost of flavour to be able to detect anything. They have a lower density of taste buds. So that is why we all have different intensity of sensations, and some of us are better to notice flavours and distinguish them easier. I am not sexist, and all I am saying is, that according to this study Caucasian women are much more likely to be hypertasters, than Caucasian men. That's all I am saying!

Photographs by The Tannin Addict.