About Me


My name is Katalin.

Welcome to my wine blog.

Wine has always been one of my biggest passion in my life, the other one is my family. I am from a small village located in Tokaj Wine Region in Hungary. My parents had a small size vineyard and from the highest point of it we could see Mount Tokaj's vast shape and the beginning of the boundless Great Hungarian Plain reaching out to the south.

I can still remember the weekends and holidays we spent with my brother in the vinyard during late summer and throughout autumn. Most of the time we were helping our parents, but we have always managed to find time wondering around, exploring the wildlife of the vineyards. We have encountered birds, rodents and sometimes even deers and wild boars. On those sunny and warm days of our indian summer we did not want to be anywhere else, especially not in school.

One of the busiest and possibly the best part of owning a vineyard is the harvest time. Getting up early in the morning and working through the day till night falls. I remember, we never had any problems sleeping after a backbreaking day out in the vinyard and down in the cellar. We were kids and at that point we were only be able to enjoy the juice of the freshly pressed grapes pouring out of the enormous press. I do not have to say, as a kid that was one of the best thing in harvest.

Time has passed. I am not a child anymore. My parents have no longer own their beloved vinyard. My taste from the juice of the freshly pressed grape berries has moved to the more enjoyable aged nectar.

So here I am, trying to translate my thoughts into words so you, my visitor, can draw useful, but not infallible, information for yourself.