Eat, drink and be merry

Katalin Kiszel-Kohari - March 9, 2019

I am rather passionate about food and wine. I love cooking and baking and I was brought up on a vineyard, practically. No wonder that one’s daughter grown up to be interested in food and wine and wants to understand why one bottle is different to another.

The fondness of having a decent wine with your home cooked meal is deeply rooted in me. Memories of dinners and family celebrations spring to my mind. Probably that is the reason that I have ended up looking for answers how to match food with wine, how to differentiate between the endless options of wines that you can face with.

It is a journey, my journey through life and wine and I am pleased that you are part of it. Short time we spend here, so eat, drink and be merry!

Photographs by The Tannin Addict.