Cumbrian Summer Garden

A cocktail competition

Katalin Kiszel-Kohari - July 19, 2019

Recently, one of our local suppliers called for a cocktail competition. I thought it would be fun to send in a creation of my own. It is a bit of free publicity for the establishment I work for or so I thought. I am by no means a mixologist. I like a good cocktail myself, I do it for guests rather frequently, but I am a sommelier and interested in wine much more so. I have a good palate, but I am not one of those fancy-shaky 20-year-old barmen. More like a mum of a 5-year old.

Nonetheless, I have sent in my newly invented ‘Cumbrian Summer Garden Cocktail’. I thought gin is so popular right now, so I must make something from vodka. (I like to go against the grain, as you might gathered that already.) It is summer after all, Wimbledon is on, so strawberry is a must. There were plenty of elderflowers and fresh herbs in the garden too. I was looking for something that is seasonal and local that connects to this glorious spot we live, Cumbria. There came the idea to have something fruity and refreshing, a long drink, where the alcohol is in a supporting role, and the fresh, zesty fruit and herbs with a slight savoury edge are the shining stars. My ‘Cumbrian Summer Garden Cocktail’ was born. We thoroughly tested and tasted it, special thanks to Dawn, our superb pastry chef.

Guess what has happened? I got into the final 5.

What am I going to do now?

Here is the link to the cocktail competition's finalists.

And below a video from Caterite's Facebook page.

Check it out!

Photographs by The Tannin Addict.